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Managing Campaigns

Follow these simple steps to make your efforts a success…

  1. Personalize your campaign adding details like duration, photos and your personal motivation for protecting Our Creeks.  
  2. Spread the word about your Action Tracker Campaign and ask your people to join in. Use the provided tools to share with your participants and ask them to join the effort. Start tracking your actions and watch as your campaign protects our creeks by helping your participants make simple changes that have a big impact.
  3. Watch for emails from contributors. Contributions are open to the public, so you have the ability to edit or remove any unwanted contributions.
  4. Monitor your Action Tracker Campaign, encourage ongoing participation and when complete, celebrate the difference you made for our creeks. Your Action Tracker Campaign will tabulate all of the participant’s efforts and provide you with valuable insight into how your actions have kept pollutants like litter, coliform, soap and more from our creeks.

Creating a Campaign

  • Go to the Start Your Campaign page
  • Fill out your campaign details
    • Campaign Name: This is the title of your campaign. Make it yours.
    • Description: Encourage your people to contribute to your campaign.
    • Campaign Banner Image: This is the image at the top of your campaign page. It will help differentiate your campaign. If no image is uploaded, a default image will be used based on your campaign type.
    • Campaign Type: Decide what type of campaign you are making (Pet Waste Collection, Car Washing, Litter Collection).
    • Goal: Set your goal amount for your campaign. The total amount calculations will be determined by the type of campaign you create.
    • Start and End Dates: Select the dates you want your campaign to be active for. Targeting a specific date range can help boost engagement.
  • Click “Create Campaign” and share the word.

Managing Your Profile and Campaigns

Your user profile and the campaigns you have created are located on the Profile page. You must be logged in to view this page.

Editing a Campaign

To edit a campaign’s details, go to the campaign page and click the “Edit Campaign Details” button in the top-right corner (you must be logged in). This will open a form where you can add or edit details about your campaign.

Hiding a Campaign

To hide a campaign, go to a campaign page that you created (you must be logged in) and check the option for “hide campaign,” then click “hide.” You will see the status change from “Live” to “Hidden.” Your campaign will no longer be accessible to the public.

To switch a campaign back to “Live,” reverse the steps above.

Managing Contributions

To manage a campaign’s contributions, go to the campaign page and click the “Edit Contributions” button under the contributions list (you must be logged in).

A form will open and you can edit, add or remove contributions from your campaign.

  • Removing a Contribution: Click the minus (-) icon to the right of a contribution. Click remove to confirm your choice. Once you are finished with your edits, Click Submit to save your changes.
  • Editing a Contribution: You can revise any value in a contribution. Once your edits have been made, click Submit to save your changes.
  • Adding a Contribution: To add a new contribution, click the “New Contribution” link to add a new row to your list of contributions. Enter the details and click Submit to save your changes.
  • Reorder contributions: Click and hold on the number to the left of a contribution. Drag and drop to set the new position. Click Submit to save your changes.


Instagram Image
Instagram Image
Instagram Image
Instagram Image
Total Campaigns: 25
–– Active Campaigns: 0
–– Ended Campaigns: 25
Pet Waste Campaigns: 6
–– Large Dogs Piles: 0
–– Large Dogs Pounds: 0
–– Medium Dogs Piles: 8
–– Medium Dogs Pounds: 2.64
–– Small Dogs Piles: 6
–– Small Dogs Pounds: 0.66
–– Total Piles: 14
–– Total Pet Waste lbs: 3.3
–– Total Pet Waste coliform: 3445860000
Car Wash Campaigns: 1
–– Car Wash Total: 15
Litter Collection Campaigns: 17
–– Litter Collection Pounds: 1340
94928: 11
94931: 0
94951: 0
94952: 0
94954: 0
95401: 13
95403: 0
95404: 10
95405: 3
95407: 1
95409: 7
95425: 0
95442: 2
95448: 1
95472: 0
95476: 0
95482: 0
95492: 13